Fight Labs Founder
  • Lion's Den Trainer
  • Ken Shamrock's Training Partner
  • Ultimate Fighter 3 - Coach
  • MMA Fighter & Nutritionist
  • Top 5 Mr.s USA - Super Heavy Weight
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt - Kenpo
  • Mr. California - AAU

Fight Labs is a sports nutrition company committed to engineering high quality nutritional supplements that achieve cutting edge results for professional and amateur sports athletes whether in the cage or on the stage.

Fight Labs is inspired by its Founder, Dan Freeman, whose 25 years of personal experience competing and training in bodybuilding and mixed martial arts has enhanced the design and formulation of its high performance products.

Whether the goal is functional strength augmentation, maximized pre-workout energy, optimized workouts, or accelerated post-workout recovery, Fight Labs delivers the complete sports supplement system for the critical supplementation requirements of the elite fighter or strength trainer

“As the Strength and Conditioning Coach and Nutritionist for over 15 world title holders in mixed martial arts, I know what is effective and what produces real results you can see and feel.”
Dan Freeman, Founder Fight Labs